Special Guest: Or Begam, Team Leader of Decoding at Cellebrite

In this episode, we are joined by Or Begam, Team Leader of Decoding at Cellebrite. Or will be discussing the new App Genie feature in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and how it works. Since he believes in the importance of truly understanding many of these complex tools in order to use them effectively, Or wants to help you “get to know your tools.”

App Genie, which was recently released by Cellebrite, is an automatic decoding tool. Although Physical Analyzer is also an automatic decoding tool, they are a bit different. With Physical Analyzer, the code that is run is based on research that people are doing, which ultimately has limitations.

App Genie is automatic in the sense that it doesn’t have any prior knowledge of the app it decodes; it basically takes decoded data and looks for patterns. It is not up to the level of real AI, but it works somewhat along the same lines.

In order to fully exemplify how this tool works Or is going to download two apps for which he has no previous knowledge. He is then going to analyze what information App Genie can parse out of them, what information can be decoded, and how to deal with the results.

One of the major strengths of App Genie is the way in which it decodes chats.

Listen to the full episode to better understand how App Genie works, what it can and cannot give you, and to see a full demo of how to use it.

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