The true mission and vision of an organization can get lost in the day-to-day running of a business. But at Cellebrite, we let our mission and vision guide our market-leading digital forensics solutions.

Who We Are – A Trusted Partner

We are committed to empowering those who protect the innocent and make our world safer. We are innovators dedicated to finding the right solution to meet the challenges of a digital age.

Today’s world is becoming more connected every day through smartphones, wearables, cars, and other technologies. This constant electronic connection to information and each other has influenced the way we live and evolved the way we work.

For law enforcement, investigations in this digital world can be challenging, time-consuming, and costlier than ever before as criminals increasingly use technology to coordinate, commit and hide their crimes. The challenge is only compounded by the fact that digital evidence can be encrypted on multiple locked devices belonging to a suspect or victim.  

Even when law enforcement meets the challenge of timely access to data, agencies still face a potentially overwhelming ‘digital mountain’ of information that must be sorted through, which can prolong investigations. Traditional investigation methods weighed down by this data deluge, must adapt to deal with the modern digital landscape. 

How do agencies meet the challenge of accessing and analyzing digital data and quickly turning it into digital evidence? 

By relying upon Cellebrite, an innovator in digital forensics and a trusted advisor to law enforcement agencies in over 150 countries.

What We Do: Capture Insights in a Digital World

Modern-day investigations require the latest technology to effectively surface relevant evidence quickly. Cellebrite’s solutions enable agencies to manage the overwhelming volume of data that can come from a variety of digital sources such as smartphones, apps, and drones. Cellebrite’s technology empowers law enforcement to gain critical insights and identify connections that help accelerate time-to-evidence.

How We Do It: Creative Innovation

It starts with Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform that combines state-of-the-art technologies with best-of-breed partner solutions into an end-to-end digital forensics solution. Law enforcement organizations can seamlessly access and analyze critical data from multiple digital sources in volumes once viewed as impossible to analyze.

At Cellebrite, we are constantly innovating because those who are protecting our communities should be equipped with the right tools to effectively investigate and resolve cases quickly.

How We Do It: Training and Support

Law enforcement organizations worldwide require frequent training to keep up with the demands of the latest innovative technologies. Cellebrite Training provides hands-on certification programs to organizations and agencies using the latest tools and skills needed to fight crime in the connected world. Cellebrite also offers Advanced Services to help tackle the most challenging and time-sensitive cases in a forensically sound manner. 

Even when unexpected tragedies occur, Cellebrite is at the scene with tools and support to help law enforcement find the critical insights needed to resolve the investigation. With Cellebrite, agencies stay one step ahead of threats and criminals.

Why We Do It – To Help Create a Safer World

We believe that those who protect the innocent and help victims and their families find justice deserve the very best in technology, training, and support. At Cellebrite, we are dedicated to helping ensure the safety of our communities and fellow citizens. We take great pride in our support of Law Enforcement and the Military and will continue to be an innovator and leader in all that we do.

Our vision is for a safer world where tomorrow can be even better than today.

We are Cellebrite.

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