The Forensic 4:Cast Awards are a special time for those of us in DFIR. It’s exciting and nerve wracking, but it’s also motivating. Even a simple nomination is a head-nod to those who really helped this community.

This year, Cellebrite has been nominated for several awards. That’s exciting because we worked hard in 2019 and will work even harder in 2020. This blog is going to highlight the categories we have been nominated for and provide you with my opinion on why we deserve your vote.

DFIR Commercial Tool of the year – Cellebrite UFED Ultimate

At Cellebrite, we work hard to serve the community. We have listened to your feedback, dug in deep, and produced a suite of DI tools you can rely upon. UFED Ultimate provides access to the most mobile devices for extraction and analysis in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer.

We have added many options for parsing, manually verifying, and reporting data of interest. UFED is a solution that we want to provide to the community to make your extractions and examinations efficient and reliable. We know there is never enough time and we want to provide you with a tool you can trust.

Also, for the first time, users of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer have the option to review device and private cloud data through a single tool for a unified experience.

For a seamless and simplified review process, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer users can now expand their license to include Cellebrite UFED Cloud on the same platform, pending access to the internet.

DFIR Team of the Year

Cellebrite is a community. We are a team. I am lucky that I joined this team in July, 2019. Being surrounded by people who love DFIR and want to help, grow, and continue to get smarter is infectious. As a team, we promote the concept of “trust, but verify” and we want to be a united front for you, our customers. This nomination means a ton to me, and Cellebrite, as we really are a family who enjoys one another and loves supporting you.

DFIR Blog – Cellebrite Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert” is a blog series from Cellebrite and our customers. The blog covers all topics pertaining to digital intelligence. We deep dive into artifacts of interest and reveal methods to extract more from your investigations. Our research is never ending and Ask The Expert provides a platform to share our intelligence with you.

Training of the Year – Cellebrite CCO & CCPA

I completed the CCO and CCPA course online last year and must say that I loved it! I enjoyed the hands-on portion of the CCPA test, and it really enabled me to highlight what I know about Physical Analyzer.

The course provides the best practices for using Cellebrite UFED and Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and is taught by people who have used the tools in real-world investigations. Making sure you can properly collect, analyze ,and verify your results – to find the truth- is the main objective of this course. This most popular course combination has resulted in more than 25,000 certified users.

Groundbreaking Research – Cellebrite Checkra1n Contribution

Members of Cellebrite’s SRL (Security Research Labs) joined forces to support @axi0mX, @qwertyroruiop, and other notable world-class researchers and developers in the community to create the most reliable jailbreak in history. The checkra1n jailbreak was eye-opening and it provided the first public SecureROM-based jailbreak for iOS devices in almost a decade.

DFIR Article – Won’t you back that thing up: Heather Mahalik

Every September a major iOS release arrives. During this time, I anticipate what changes will be in store. I then create test data, dump my devices (multiple ways), and parse the data through as many tools as I can.

This blog covered everything I found in iOS 13 and included the best methods to extract and parse the data. The blog can be found on my personal blog. The amount of testing and research that goes into a release like this is time-consuming and your vote is greatly appreciated.

DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year: Heather Mahalik

What can I say – I love social media. ? I love that I have a direct vehicle to speak with you, educate you, and share a funny giphy on occasion. Social Media is a great way for us to follow, get smarter, and simply interact. If you appreciate what I have been throwing your way, then throw me a vote.

DFIR Mentor of the Year: Heather Mahalik

This was an unexpected but much appreciated nomination. I don’t see myself as a mentor. I see myself as someone who loves her job and wants to help you with yours. I love helping others get their footing in DFIR and love to share stories of my mistakes so that you don’t make the same ones. Being a mentor is not something that has to be assigned or asked of a person. Apparently, it works naturally.

DFIR Examiner of the Year: Heather Mahalik

In 2019, Cellebrite hired me to help you. I have tried to hit the ground running and assist tech support with your questions, chase down bugs that need to be reported, work with our decoding team to support apps that you need, and, more importantly – assist you with your cases.

I forgot how much I missed supporting the vast amount of cases that I have been able to touch since joining Cellebrite. Something I have realized along the way is that it’s hard to call it your job, when it is also your hobby.

Please take a moment to cast your vote in the 2020 Forensic 4:Cast Awards by clicking here.

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