As the assortment of devices and data sources expands, most practitioners agree that applying digital forensics to investigations is becoming increasingly challenging.

The Cellebrite’s Industry Trends Survey confirms that the effective extraction and analysis of digital data will continue to be a problem for the DFIR community as global innovators fast-track the delivery of cutting-edge technology to consumers. 

Cellebrite’s Security Research Lab continues to overcome these challenges by setting the standard for digital forensics solutions. However, we understand that solutions are only as useful as their users are knowledgeable. 

For this reason, we also provide the highest level of training to help our users get the most out of their digital forensic solutions. To get a deeper understanding of why quality training matters, read the blog by Cellebrite’s Senior Director of Certification and Learning Technology, Danny Garcia.

Since Cellebrite launched its first official certification class in 2013, our ever-expanding catalog of classes and certification programs have become the benchmark for training in the DFIR community.

We have achieved this recognition by constantly updating our classes to stay one step ahead; while delivering an effective combination of knowledge and practical experience. Each course is presented by trusted, Cellebrite Certified Instructors who have “real-world,” mobile, forensic, investigative and case-evidentiary handling experience. 

For the last two years, Cellebrite’s training courses have received notable achievements and Omni awards. This year, our new web-based CASA Advanced Smart Phone Analysis and CMFF Mobile Forensic Fundamentals courses both won Spring 2019 Gold Omni Awards for the “best-in-class Educational and Government program categories.”

For the upcoming Forensic 4cast Awards, Cellebrite has been honored by being nominated for Training Class of the Year.  We would greatly appreciate your support at this moment for Cellebrite to win this prestigious award. As the ultimate decision is based on feedback from the DFIR community, we kindly ask you to take a moment and vote for Cellebrite to win.  Vote here to show your support.

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