Heather Mahalik, Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite, and Jared Barnhart, Digital Intelligence Specialist at Cellebrite, performed live demonstrations of answers to questions from the audience using the following Cellebrite solutions:

Physical Analyzer (PA)


Here are some of the questions that were answered during the live Ask the Expert session:

  • How can the owner name for iOS or Android extractions be found (Physical Analyzer)

  • How can Android Bluetooth connections determine if a driver had their hands on the wheel during an accident?

  • Is the Android Keystore stored under one database or a particular location in the file system?
  • How to search for specific emojis within Physical Analyzer
  • How to utilize the new Smart Flow feature in UFED

  • How does PA show a phone number assigned to an E-Sim within a phone?

Watch the full episode for more details.


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