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Digital Data: The Current Trends and Challenges for Investigations

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Join Cellebrite for our next webinar where we will take an in-depth look at the role of Digital Evidence in modern-day investigations.  Cellebrite recently released our 2019 Industry Trends Survey revealing critical insights into the importance and challenges associated with digital data in investigations.  This webinar will review the key findings compiled from the over 2700 global law enforcement respondents.  Brendan Morgan, who has over 20 years experience working in law enforcement, will provide his view on the survey findings and the future trends in the use of digital data in investigations. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The challenges agencies are facing from digital data
  • The impact on investigations and backlog and how it differs by geography
  • Insights into what the new trends are with digital data in investigations


  • Brendan Morgan Vice President of Training Operations at Cellebrite
  • Tom McNeila Global Director, Content Marketing at Cellebrite
  • Elad Golan Product Marketing Manager at Cellebrite