Criminal Investigations Digital Intelligence Solutions
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Protect the Innocent, Build and Close Cases Faster

As criminal investigators and agency heads working across the globe, your mission to keep our communities safe is more important today than ever. Cellebrite offers the only end-to-end digital intelligence solution to support your mission, leveraging insights you can trust.

Solving Your Criminal Investigation Challenges

Solving Your Criminal Investigation Challenges

  • Prevent child exploitation with its overwhelming amount of media to review.
  • Partner with victims to end the rise in domestic violence cases.
  • Reduce homicide rates.
  • Battle the opioid epidemic and the distribution of narcotics.
  • Dismantle illicit gang networks.
  • Trace cryptocurrency used to transact growing amounts of criminal activity.

Your Roadmap to Success

  • Confront a wide variety of crimes, improving the processes for identifying and reporting suspected illicit activities.
  • Collect all relevant data from every available data source uncovered during an investigation.
  • Control and share the data within and across agencies while managing the right access to the right people.
  • Complete the picture by outlining actionable intelligence to move investigations forward.

Experience the Impact of a DI Workflow

With DI Desktop

Build Your DI Readiness

Our holistic approach leverages your unique DI technological and organizational capabilities.


Technological Capability

Leverage your tech stack
Work hand in hand with your existing tools in the field, on site, and across agencies to share key intel on illicit criminal activity. Accelerate the investigation process and get data-driven results with collaborative tools powered by AI and automation.

Organizational Capability

Empower your people and optimize your processes
Upskill law enforcement personnel to expertly handle digital devices and empower your people to collect crucial evidence from victims and witnesses to build stronger cases and secure processes for the future.

The Power of Cellebrite’s
Digital Intelligence Solution

  • Access it All

    Access all data from all digital sources using the most trusted tools to quickly access, collect, examine, and validate data.

  • AI & Automation

    Leverage AI-powered analysis tools to connect the dots by visualizing journeys, surfacing key insights, and gaining actionable intelligence, all through an automated workflow.

  • Open Architecture and APIs

    Tap into your existing ecosystem by natively interfacing with your organization’s core systems.

  • World-class Training and Certification

    Ensure long-term success with training from leading experts that upskill your people at every step of the way.

  • Secure & Collaborative Digital Evidence Management

    Manage your operational workflow, chain of custody, policy governance and assets within a secure and
    collaborative infrastructure.

  • Advanced Services

    A trusted partner for your toughest cases. Recover digital evidence across a multitude of investigations, including cryptocurrency, with Cellebrite Advanced Services.

Are you DI Ready?

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