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Fight Crime, Not Time

We’re living in a digital world. Investigators are faced with an enormous volume of data and digital evidence which requires filtering and analyzing. Pathfinder helps expedite the investigation, using AI to highlight relevant leads, so cases can be resolved more efficiently.


Shine a Spotlight on Critical Data

Analyzing digital evidence is harder than ever due to an overwhelming volume of digital data, and lengthy, complex review processes. A recent survey of agencies, examiners, and investigators revealed a need for improving data analysis, organization, and collaboration methods.

Simplify. Analyze. Collaborate.

Cellebrite Pathfinder enables investigators, analysts, and prosecutors to collaborate using a comprehensive, scalable solution to surface relevant leads, and discover connections that might be missed by the human eye.

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  • Simplify and organize complex data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format
  • Analyze and process data to pinpoint key evidence
  • Streamline processes to allow collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders
  • Use case specific: Designed to serve multiple types of crime across verticals
  • Scalable & integration ready: A scalable solution designed fit your needs and integrate into your current environment
  • Comprehensive services: Wide range of customer-centric, digital intelligence services to meet your agency’s needs
Cellebrite Pathfinder in Action

Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office is a Model for Digital Policing

Deputy Chief Tim Scanlan has been a driving force behind his department’s digital transformation that moves easily – from the field to the lab and the courtroom – to solve cases faster.

Connect the Dots... Expedite the Investigation

Cellebrite Pathfinder streamlines your investigative process, automates data ingestion, and uses advanced AI to analyze and visualize data from mobile, cloud, computer, CDR, and video sources. It identifies patterns, reveals connections, and uncovers leads with speed and accuracy.

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Identify People, Not Numbers

Collect multiple — and sometimes contradictory — identifiers across various data sources to connect the dots between the suspect and victim’s journeys.

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Highlight Key Points of Interest

Automatically detect and categorize data by highlighting key points of interest across different types of media and chat channels.

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Leverage Location Data to Uncover Patterns and Intersections

Where were they? Where did they come from? Who did they meet? Answer critical questions by tapping into GPS enabled App, photo geo-tags, tower dumps or Wi-Fi hotspots.


Discover How to Train AI-fueled Image Categorization

Explore the latest innovations in AI-fueled image categorization technology by the Cellebrite CTO office.


Cellebrite Pathfinder Training

Achieve the highest standard in digital intelligence training certification with our live online Cellebrite Pathfinder training course.

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own environment and receive the best tools, knowledge and practices from our world-class trainers.

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