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Streamline Your Investigation & Evidence Management With One End-To-End Cloud-Based Solution

Cellebrite Guardian is a simple, secure and scalable cloud-based solution for evidence management, sharing and review that enables you to manage your evidence and investigative workflow – wherever you are.

An Intuitive, Easy-to-Use, Holistic Solution

Designed by and for our users, Cellebrite Guardian offers law enforcement a highly secure and compliant solution to help manage, store, share and review evidence, from intake to review and final report.

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  • Manage: All-encompassing, customizable evidence management—both physical and digital—in one holistic solution.
  • Store: Highly secure, centralized data and procedure management, enabling you to remove the silos in your investigative processes with a solution scaled to fit your agency’s needs.
  • Share: Advanced roles and permissions management for unlimited users, giving you the ability to share evidence instantly while maintaining full auditing and monitoring for chain of custody.
  • Review: Immediate and unmatched review of UFDR reports directly in your browser, providing you with expedited time to evidence and enhanced collaboration while ensuring you get to key insights sooner.
cellebrite guardian end to end

End-to-end workflow, sharing and evidence management solution

Cellebrite Guardian’s interface comes with best practices already built in, encompassing all the tools and capabilities you need to meet your mission.

    • Manage all types of evidence—no matter the source—in one comprehensive and customizable system
    • Data summarized in a simple and intuitive dashboard, with retention control to immediately identify stale evidence
    • Dashboard guides you to simplify and streamline your investigative workflow processes, including filter, search, and export functionalities
    • Share evidence and reports instantly, with full user control to add users and assign permissions
    • Advanced automatic report generation and delivery
Cellebrite guardian evidence viewer

Review Your Evidence Immediately

Cellebrite Guardian presents unmatched review capabilities, allowing assigned users to view all data included in UFDR reports instantly in your browser – no downloads needed.

Review all videos, pictures, audio, documents, and chats contained within the uploaded UFDR report from any device, anywhere – just login. And because it’s being viewed within Cellebrite Guardian, you will maintain full auditability and chain of custody to keep evidence clean and court-ready.

No matter the type of evidence, Cellebrite Guardian can help.

A Secure, SaaS-Based System

  • Reduced time to benefit

    No physical installation required… just log-in and get to work
  • Lower overall costs

    No large initial investment
  • Seamless availability

    Secure access from anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Scale and integrate

    Expand with immediacy when you need to, all while integrating with your existing systems
  • Releases and upgrades

    Centralized, regular, and automatic updates reduce the burden on your physical resources
  • Reduced IT hassles

    Take away reliance on IT support and save time and costs
  • High-level security

    AWS Gov Ready and two-factor authentication

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