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Don't Let Backlogs Hold Your Lab Casework Back

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Cellebrite Advanced Services are only available to law enforcement with legal authority to access phones.

Don't Let Backlogs Hold Your Lab Casework Back

Outsource Services by CAS

Crime rates are increasing all the time, and digital forensic labs are struggling with a huge workload and a serious shortage of professional resources. The result: a massive number of digital devices waiting to be examined and a backlog of cases stopping justice from being done.

But with Cellebrite Advanced Services (CAS) labs you have an investigative partner which helps customers to reduce their backlogs. CAS handles thousands of mobile devices and tablets, as well as Windows and Mac computers, every year for law enforcement and governmental agencies.

With cutting-edge technologies, experts, and processes that provide digital forensics services as an extension of your lab, CAS is ready to take care of your device backlog. All services are backed by the largest research & development team in the world of Digital Intelligence.

Contact us to discuss how your backlog can be outsourced and delivered by Cellebrite experts!

We support mobile devices and tablets, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

What can we do for you?


    Brute force or lock removal from most iOS and Android Devices


    Physical or Full File System extraction from devices


    UFDR, Excel, or PDF report to save you valuable decoding time

We support mobile devices and tablets, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

Why CAS Labs?


CAS labs are equipped with the latest technology from Cellebrite specially designed for lawfully accessing, collecting, and decoding digital evidence, including commercial products.

CAS’s internal and exclusive capabilities provide the most extensive support for devices on the market.

Why CAS Labs?


The CAS team of experts is experienced with handling digital evidence in high volumes while maintaining the highest level of forensic soundness.

All CAS experts are trained and certified for digital evidence processing using Cellebrite Collect & Review technologies.

Why CAS Labs?


CAS delivers a fully transparent process that includes a convenient Web Portal that enables you to:

  • View the progress and status of your cases at any time
  • Chat with our lab specialists about the case
  • Submit new cases or update existing ones with new dictionaries/lists for a faster process