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Safer on the Inside.
Safer on the Outside.

Use Digital Intelligence to Stop Criminal Activity Behind Bars and
Increase Officer and Public Safety

If You’re Not Collecting and Analyzing the Data From All the Cellphones in Your Possession, You Can’t …

  • Prevent Harm

    To your facilities staff by identifying threats and disrupting activities being conducted by inmates inside prison walls, and in the outside communities from which they came.
  • Pull Together

    Data into a manageable solution that breaks down silos and integrates information from existing systems across facilities and divisions to expedite the dismantling of criminal networks.
  • Partner With

    Local law enforcement agencies to share intelligence and stop crimes that could potentially affect millions of residents.
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4 Best Practices For Curbing the Contraband Phone Crisis In Corrections Facilities

Corrections leaders worldwide face a number of serious challenges stemming from the overwhelming number of contraband phones flowing into correctional facilities. Download this guide to the best practices for curbing the contraband phone crisis in your facility.


With Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform, You Can Use Data to Disrupt and Dismantle Networks.

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See the Connections

Simplify and organize complex data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format

  • Organize complex data and give an intuitive overview across texts, images, emails, videos, documents and apps
  • Unify digital fingerprints to identify persons of interest by correlating identifiers across apps and data sources
  • Enrich technical information into digestible insights, including from browsers, apps, cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Better understand conversations with a holistic overview of communication across all apps
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Safer on the Inside

As correctional facility managers, your mission to protect the public, your employees, and the incarcerated is more important today than ever.

Cellebrite offers the only end-to-end Digital Intelligence solution that supports your mission by empowering you to leverage insights gained by lawfully accessing digital devices to yield actionable intelligence.

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