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Modernize Investigative Workflows to Maximize Resources and Protect Your Community

Solutions for State & Local Government


Cellebrite is your partner for modernizing and transforming your digital investigations and closing the public safety gap.

High volume of complex digital data are giving criminals the inherent edge in the investigative process. With increasing crime rates, decreasing staff, and challenges with securing funding for technology, it can be difficult for agencies to continuously transform investigations.

Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform can enable cross-collaboration and help your agency’s investigative team to accelerate justice and increase solvability, efficiency, and transparency to criminal investigations.

Digitize Your Investigative Workflow to Serve as a Force Multiplier

With Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform, you can enhance your investigative capabilities, and protect communities and officers.

From crime scene to the courtroom, Cellebrite solutions help investigative teams make disparate data accessible, digestible, and actionable across the full investigation lifecycle.

Cellebrite can assist with your skills gap and help you transform not just your workforce, but also your investigative culture as it starts to move forward into a more modern digital age.


Field Units and Labs can discover and gather evidence from multiple points in mobile devices, computers, and the Cloud, whether connected to a network or not – while protecting the privacy of all parties involved.


Investigators and Analysts can master the complexity of data and reveal actionable insights – accelerating time to resolution and improving your investigative operations.


Investigators and Labs can collaborate with internal stakeholders and external law enforcement agencies to streamline processes and increase productivity using a customizable digital evidence management solution – ensuring that the right people have access to the right data, at the right time.


Prosecution teams can feel confident and have defensible evidence submission and relevancy, knowing that it's been handled and properly discovered.


Gain access to a global team of professional domain experts who can provide the technical knowledge, bespoke solutions, and training needed to accomplish your mission.


Cellebrite Provides a Force Multiplier

Cellebrite provides what we call a force multiplier by dramatically boosting the productivity of your investigative resources. This force multiplier (your results may vary) can include up to a 30 times improvement in time to evidence and 40% improvement in operational efficiency.

Purpose-Built Investigative Solutions for Agencies We Serve.

City Police

Keep officers safe, create safer communities, and embrace innovations that enable your force to do more with less. Digitizing your investigative workflow can help solve crimes quickly, preventing future violent crimes and take serial offenders off the streets.

police woman
county sheriff

County Sheriff’s

Formulate your digital intelligence strategy to access, manage, analyze, and leverage data to provide actionable intelligence essential to solving more cases and lowering crime rates across the communities you serve.

State Police

No matter the incident, quickly identify and analyze relevant digital data that facilitates collaboration and accelerates digital investigations with solutions, training, and services you can defend.

state police
ICAC units

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Units

Protect the chain of custody and carefully manage data once evidence from devices is collected to stay focused on finding and rescuing children, and then prosecuting the predators to get them the justice that needs to happen.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Units

Start transforming your investigations with Digital Intelligence to increase staff efficiencies and collaboration with partner law enforcement agencies to stop drug threats and reduce drug trafficking and production across the U.S.

HIDTA units
District Attorneys and Prosecutors

District Attorneys and Prosecutors

From crime scene to courtroom, work closely with law enforcement partners to preserve and collect data from digital devices to show evidence of all stages of crimes from planning and organization to execution and concealment.

Departments of Corrections

Curb the contraband phone crisis, stop criminal activity behind bars, and increase public safety on the outside with Digital Intelligence and agency collaboration.

Departments of Corrections

Associations we support