New UFED Cloud Analyzer capability provides rapid access and analysis of defensible digital evidence from cloud-based sources in the public domain with integrated search and collection

Petah Tikvah, IL – Aug 7, 2017 – Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, has introduced a new UFED Cloud Analyzer solution that provides forensically sound, real-time collection, preservation and analysis of data in the public domain including location information, profiles, images, files, and communications from the most popular social media applications. This new offering from Cellebrite saves investigative teams significant time and labor by eliminating the time-consuming, manual process of searching and capturing evidence from multiple sites and cloud sources, including Facebook.

The addition of public domain search to UFED Cloud Analyzer helps investigative teams access and share evidence with easy-to-use dynamic reporting. When combined with Cellebrite’s recently enhanced analytics solution, investigators can gain access to powerful text and image examination capabilities to analyze public domain social media data with private cloud or social media data, pursuant to a warrant, as well as mobile device, computer and cellular operator data to immediately identify evidence that is critical to an investigation.

Cellebrite is the only company with the capability to provide investigative teams with a comprehensive digital intelligence solution for collection, collaboration, and analysis of digital data from a full range of sources. By partnering with Cellebrite for both UFED Cloud Analyzer and Cellebrite’s powerful Analytics offering, agencies can access an integrated set of tools from a single provider, reducing cost and risk while optimizing workflow and accelerating time to evidence.    

As the popularity and adoption of social media, messaging and other public mobile applications continues to grow exponentially, so does the amount of potential evidence that resides in the cloud. UFED Cloud Analyzer allows teams to collect and visualize publicly available data from supported social media and cloud-based sources in a unified format to track behavior, uncover common connections and correlate critical evidence. UFED Cloud Analyzer is a must-have asset for investigators who face a growing backlog of case work and an ever-expanding universe of social media channels where critical evidence resides.

With UFED Cloud Analyzer, investigators access unequivocally forensically sound data since the program logs and tracks the entire collection process to maintain data authenticity in addition to hashing each piece of collected data.

“Today, investigators gather public data manually, site-by-site, in a time-intensive process that can omit key findings and may not even be admissible in court,” said Yossi Carmil, Global Co-CEO, Cellebrite. “Cellebrite’s new capability will save valuable resources by making collection and organization of publicly available social media and digital evidence defensible and easier to access than ever before. By simplifying this task, we are able to help investigators focus less on information gathering and instead apply their expertise to delivering in-depth analysis and finding key leads to enforce laws and protect the public.”

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