In this week’s Tip Tuesdays session, we will be looking at the different ways that Cellebrite Guardian can help your agency.

With Guardian, you can carry out end-to-end investigations, and it will help you to really narrow in on your pain points.

First of all, select your role. As an examiner, for example, click on the role and the infographic will appear. Your issue may be in the submission of evidence to the lab, or in examination, management, sharing, or reviewing.

We define potential issues and solutions. We walk you through your challenges and provide solutions and how they can be integrated into your workflow.

Use the Tell me more button, or go back for an explanation about a range of issues, such as submission and backlogs, and different ways of receiving evidence that can assist you in being more efficient in your lab. In my lab experience, we always struggled with management, tracking cases, and figuring out deliverables and how things were transferred in the lab and then externally.

All of these subjects are listed for you to help you dive in and learn more. You can keep going further and walk through each of these steps, so you’ll see you will hit each of these potential pain points.

At Cellebrite, we want to make your investigations more efficient, so we hope you will take a look at Guardian.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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