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Advanced Access with Cellebrite Premium as a Service – Now Bundled To Fit Any Agency’s Needs

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Aired on: 20 July, 2022
Duration:  45 Mins

Cellebrite’s advanced device access technology for lawful data extractions is now available as a service. Examiners and lab technicians can now enjoy Cellebrite Premium bundled to fit their agency’s needs. In this session, we discussed the new licensing options for unlocking and bypassing codes to make tackling those hard-to-access devices a reality.

View the FAQ below to find answers to the questions asked in the webinar Q+A.


  • Paul Lorentz Product Specialist, Cellebrite

FAQ: Advanced Access with Cellebrite Premium as a Service

Does the system need to be online?

The system does need to stay online when you're connecting to the cloud service to take advantage of it and pull down the resource packages to do the advanced mobile access. To leverage UFED, you don't actually need to be online cause the application is still the same underneath. Regarding cables and deployed units. Premium ES makes it very easy. There are long cables and short cables. You can't mess up the cables really. Everything is clear. Some people are notorious for not reading the instructions or looking at videos. They just take connect the phone and go for it and then complain that they couldn't do certain things. This kind of feedback of not following instructions has been used to simplify everything for users. For Android and iOS, the options are presented to you. Paul and I have tested it and worked with our product team. It's going to walk you through what is recommended when you select a device or use auto-detect for the best extraction. So you can try to get a full file system and you can try to do some of these other things that a lot of people don't know about. Most people press a button to go with the main screen which suggested they don't know about generic. And what we don't know hurts us.

Is Cellebrite Commander a must for Premium as a Service?

No, it's not. It's an add-on feature that can help you. It’s for fleet management.

How much internet bandwidth do I need for the system?

Our packages range from about 50 megabytes to 250-300 megabytes. For most places, this is totally manageable. If you can stream a YouTube video, you can run Premium.

Which data is collected on the extraction end?

Privacy is important to everyone. So we're not collecting information about your extraction, your device or anything that could identify it. What we're collecting is what type of device it is and which type of package you would require. So the application would know that this is an iPhone, running this iOS version or an Android device, and which type of package this requires. We are not looking at the contacts, or extracting the data from the device.

How often does it get updated?

There are two different types of updates. The front-end user application is similar to our release cycles for UFED 4PC or UFED Touch. We probably do a release about every month or so for users to carry out the update. But for the backend updates, you might never actually see that we have updated. As soon as there's new information that comes in, such as groundbreaking iOS issues, you might not even realize that we have updated it.

How big is the application?

The application doesn't change a lot in size. The UFED 4PC is about two to four GBs or so. Is a live demo possible? It definitely is. Reach out to the team in charge of your region and they can assist with that.

How does UFED Premium as a Service allow three users to use the software in one place?

You receive three dongles. If you have three versions of UFED 4PC, Premium as a Service gets attached to that dongle so three users can use that capability as well. With each endpoint comes some additional hardware, a small box that we call the Cheetah adapter which is an advanced access adapter. Each endpoint has an additional license added to it for the licensing mechanisms that ties it to the wallet.