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Analyzing macOS with Inspector’s APOLLO Plugin

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Analyzing macOS with Inspector’s APOLLO Plugin

APOLLO was originally created to extract and correlate pattern-of-life data from iOS databases. On macOS, many of these same databases exist, but there is a whole new opportunity to look into Mac specific artifacts.

The APOLLO project has been updated to account for many databases on the macOS platform to include user activity, software usage, and security specific artifacts! Artifacts will include Screen Time, Notifications, file quarantine, and application permissions.

Watch BlackBag’s Senior Digital Forensics Researcher, Sarah Edwards, as she dives into this extremely detailed data to make the most out of your investigations.

About our BlackBag Presenter:

Sarah Edwards, Senior Digital Forensics Researcher

Sarah is a Senior Digital Forensics Researcher at BlackBag Technologies working in the DC metro area specializing in Mac and Mobile Forensics. She has worked with various federal law enforcement agencies and has performed a variety of investigations including computer intrusions, criminal, and counter intelligence/terrorism/narcotics.

Sarah’s research interests include anything and everything Apple related, mobile devices, digital profiling, and Mac and mobile device security. Sarah has presented at many industry security and forensic conferences and is the author/instructor of SANS FOR518 Mac Forensic Analysis and Incident Response.

Cellebrite is proud to welcome BlackBag Technologies to our family – bringing industry-leading computer access and analysis tools to our Digital Intelligence Solution suite.