MacQuisition brings together the most comprehensive Apple imaging with new live and booted triaging of Apple devices, in industry-leading release.

San Jose, CA – February 20, 2020 – BlackBag Technologies, a Cellebrite company, announces the release of MacQuisition 2020 R1, adding triage capabilities to their industry-leading acquisition and forensic imaging tool for Apple devices.

With MacQuisition 2020 R1, users will now be able to locate and review files of interest before acquisition on both live and forensically booted systems. Other solutions on the market either have triaging on live systems or offer boot imaging, but none contain this level of triage on both for current Apple hardware. In addition, this new release now also offers decryption of unallocated space on T2 drives – functionality unmatched by any competing tools.

“It is more critical than ever for law enforcement and corporate users to confirm a system is within the scope or has relevant data before investing significant time in imaging a device,” explains Ashley Hernandez, Director of Product for BlackBag. “Having this capability in MacQuisition is vital to best aid investigators with the growing requirements with search warrants, the restrictions that come with them, and the mounting size of data.”

As triaging and imaging of systems evolve for new hardware requirements, BlackBag focuses on providing the most accurate way to hash and verify the data you’ve collected is unchanged. MacQuisition 2020 R1 includes new hashing and verification capabilities, including for the open-source AFF4 image format.  This release also includes the ability to store data in a logical evidence file format that is widely supported, including e-discovery tools, to maintain content and metadata integrity.

“Our research team strives to counter the changes Apple makes on an on-going basis as quickly as possible; from complex decryption to powerful searching capabilities, this release is packed with critical new functionality.  We know time is of the essence for our users, and our team is equipped to stay ahead of new limitations and are at the forefront of these technological developments,” says Ken Basore, CEO at BlackBag.

This functionality is included at no additional cost for MacQuisition customers current on SMS. Click here to download the latest version of MacQuisition.

For more information on the latest release of MacQuisition, please see our release notes

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