In January, BlackBag was acquired by Cellebrite, the global leader of Digital Intelligence solutions for law enforcement, government, and enterprise organizations. The last six months have been exciting, as we’ve begun the integration into Cellebrite’s world-class organization. What I’m most excited about, though, is today’s major milestone in our ability to deliver market-leading technology to drive investigations and deliver even greater customer experiences.

As of July 1st, we will roll out updates and improvements that are aimed at serving you better as we work together to deliver you the world’s leading digital intelligence solutions, experience, support, and services you have come to expect. These include:

Purchasing & Invoicing: All new purchase requests for Inspector or Digital Collector will now go through Cellebrite.  Invoicing for new product purchases will also come from Cellebrite and you will be requested to remit payment via Cellebrite. Contact your local Cellebrite’s sales team at one of the below phone numbers to learn more:

  • North America Headquarters | +1 800 942 3415
  • North America – Central Region | +281 706 8736
  • North America – Western Region | +858 397 9786
  • Asia Pacific | +65 6438 6240
  • UK | +44 20 39499521
  • Israel (Corporate Headquarters) | +972 73 394 8000
  • LATAM | +55 11 3216-3800
  • Central Europe | +49 (0) 89 2 15 45 37 18

Renewal reminders will also be issued via, so please make sure you whitelist the Cellebrite domain to ensure there is no disruption in the important communications about your renewals.  BlackBag customers in North America can still renew at, while International customers will need to complete a form hosted at the aforementioned URL and a member of our joint sales team will follow up within 3 business days of the request. 

Invoicing for renewals will come from Cellebrite and you will be requested to remit all payment through Cellebrite.  Please be assured that none of these changes will impact your licensing or other current active agreements you have with BlackBag Technologies.

Software Access: Starting now, new BlackBag customers will create an account and login to the MyCellebrite Community Portal to activate new software downloads and dongles.  Customers will be able to access information and downloads for all of their BlackBag and Cellebrite licensed products.

The MyCellebrite portal will allow one spot for you to keep your products updated, contact support, review the knowledgebase, download user manuals and datasheets, get expert assistance via Cellebrite Advanced Services, and more. To learn more about the MyCellebrite Community Portal, watch this short highlight video.

Training: BlackBag customers can register for classes via the Cellebrite Learning Center or BlackBag’s training site. Training classes can still be purchased on BlackBag’s website by requesting an invoice or via credit card. Customers also have the opportunity to pay via credit card on Cellebrite’s Learning Center as well.

In July, the combined training teams will be increasing our capacity to deliver all of our outstanding BlackBag courses by over 4x.  Stay tuned for two new classes to be announced and new language capabilities in Spanish, German, French, and Afrikaans.

We are excited to launch a new joint course offering that will be available as both instructor-led and live online: Cellebrite Collection Acquisition and Triage (C2AT) This course is a combination of Cellebrite’s Cellebrite Certified Operator course and BlackBag’s Basic Forensic Investigations course, which is ideal for professionals working in areas related to mobile and desktop investigation or data extraction teams. Learn more here.

Technical Support: Requests for technical support of BlackBag products can still be done through the BlackBag support portal at  In Q3, the team will provide more details on how the new combined organization will give customers even more technical support options.

Email Communications: You will receive communications from starting July 1.  Please make sure you whitelist the Cellebrite domain to ensure that you still receive all of the great product announcements and important email communications about all of our BlackBag products. In addition, please make sure you visit Cellebrite’s email preference center here to select the types of emails you would like to receive.

Branding: In addition to our updated company logo, our branding has been updated across our individual product lines to better reflect the entire Cellebrite Digital Intelligence ecosystem. You will notice these new and improved logos going forward!


Sharing Cellebrite Inspector Case Data has Never Been EasierDigital_Collector_Horizontal_Light_BG

This is a major milestone as our two companies continue to work together to become more streamlined. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the world-class support and services you have come to expect from BlackBag and Cellebrite.

Our teams will continue working tirelessly to provide you with all the information you need to understand how we will support each and every one of you as things adjust. We will continue to work diligently to help all our customers complete the critical work that you do every day.

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