Welcome to Episode 1 of “Carved From Unallocated.”

In this episode, we’ll talk about who we are and what this podcast is all about.

I really think podcasts are underrated as an educational platform, especially in our field. There are plenty of great podcasts out there that are entertaining, like crime podcasts and the like, but I like to say, “Por que no los dos?” Why not both? Why not have a podcast that both entertains and educates?

Podcasts are convenient to listen to while you walk, cook, head to work, or whenever you’ve got some free time.

I’ve always had a desire to do a podcast in the field of digital intelligence with a focus on digital forensics and the investigative process. With the successful launch of our other Cellebrite podcasts like “Life Has No ctrl-alt-delete,” I realized a lot of these topics are going to translate perfectly over to “audio-only.”

With everything that’s going on right now, in April 2020, where there’s a pandemic occurring worldwide and we’re all working from home, I really thought this is the perfect time to get this podcast kicked off.

This podcast is going to be about tips, techniques, methods, stories, interviews, and generally anything that will help you learn and feel better about yourself in this career that you have chosen.

In just 30 minutes or less, we will provide a time for you to check out and check in to something else while you go about your regular activity during the day.

This podcast is designed for everyone from the seasoned veteran with 20 years of experience to the new digital forensics examiner to those who might be considering getting into this field and have no idea where to start.

Ultimately, our goal is to bring share information from across the digital intelligence field with interviews of field experts, case studies, and everything in between that will apply to all levels of experience.

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