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Identify and categorize crypto related digital artifacts easily

Chainalysis is a blockchain data platform providing data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. Its data drives investigations, compliance, and market intelligence software. Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains to help promote more financial freedom with less risk. Chainalysis is trusted globally by organizations in the public and private sectors.



  1. A comprehensive blockchain dataset, that is crucial for identifying and categorizing crypto related artifacts
  2. Extensive network of customers collaborating to detect and prevent crime – users learn from and collaborate with their peers
  3. Robust data platform delivering critical information where you need it – Collect blockchain transactions, analyze with algorithmic and machine learning processes and enrich with real world information to provide context and identifications ​
  4. High speed data acquisition and continuous transaction monitoring – a data platform that collects blockchain transactions in real-time and continuously updates the information to customers​
  5. Full support for cryptocurrency initiatives with a global perspective supporting customers in over 60 countries​
  6. Access to compliance, investigative, and regulatory experts – Allowing customers to develop a customized cryptocurrency program and help transform a team into experts​

An integrated solution that provides access to Chainalysis’ comprehensive blockchain dataset directly from Cellebrite’s DI suite of solutions.

Cryptocurrency - and Crypto Crimes - Are Having a Moment. What’s Your Strategy?

The collaborative offerings

  1. Integrated Solution – Chainalysiscryptocurrency data populates Cellebrite DI solutions, in two ways:​
    • Basic Offering – Cellebrite’s solutions include basic crypto data: Asset Type, Risk Score (indirect exposure), Threat Category​
    • Advanced Offering – Cellebrite’s solutions include additional crypto data: Break Out of Direct and Indirect exposure, Name of Service(s), Balance, Transfer Count (Withdrawals/Deposits), Address count (number of addresses and cluster)​
  2. Cellebrite reselling ChainalysisReactor – investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, examines criminal activity, and can legitimate flash loans and NFT transfers and activities ​
  3. Cellebrite training & certifications of cryptocurrency and Chainalysissolutions​
  4. Cellebrite provision of advanced cryptocurrency investigation services 

Collect data

Collect data from a variety of digital devices -> Find crypto activity within different applications -> Classify and categorize the crypto information -> Reveal crypto transactions-> Identify the crime and build evidence -> Leverage the crypto-evidence to accelerate justice


  • accelerate-tte

    Automation – Automated identification and notification of cryptocurrency artifacts within the Digital Intelligence (DI) suite of solutions

  • access-ti

    Smooth and Timely Assessment – Quickly receive a risk score (rating the potential criminality involved) and additional crypto data within your familiar workflows, enabling informed decisions and intelligent escalation

  • Administration

    Cryptocurrency Knowledge and Expertise - Simple access to cryptocurrency training, certifications, and investigation services by Cellebrite’s experts

  • agency-management

    Leveraging Crypto Capabilities - offering a variety of options from initial crypto searches to advanced and thorough investigations

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