Investigative Analytics Solution Delivers Market-Leading Data Analysis and Collaboration Capabilities

PETAH TIKVA, ISRAEL, May 19, 2021 – Cellebrite, the global leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the private and public sectors, today announced the launch of the latest version of Cellebrite Pathfinder, its flagship investigative analytics solution achieving significant milestones in data analysis, enterprise readiness, scalability and process performance.

Pathfinder uses AI and machine learning to enable investigative units to process digital data efficiently and effectively with advanced filtering, categorization, tagging, and analyzing capabilities. Designed to quickly uncover and surface leads, Pathfinder identifies new insights and connections throughout the investigation.

Pathfinder 8.6 now ingests data from a broader range of sources including mobile phones, computers, CDRs, and more. Investigators and analysts can automate data processing and intuitively query structured and unstructured data to find the answers they need in easy-to-understand formats. The new release also provides enhanced capabilities for agencies to collaborate between units and outside agency partners.

Pathfinder 8.6 Release Highlights:

  • Simplified View of Communications, Unified across all channels:
    • View person’s digital footprint with new Simple View in an intuitive manner
    • One coherent flow of information to review texts, images, videos, and documents
    • Identify locations of Wi-Fi networks through a new enriched map view

  • Enhanced Analysis Capabilities across multiple data types:
    • Discover cross-case connections with the new ability to highlight common identifiers between two or more cases to improve investigation workflows
    • Automatically detect and categorize case-specific topics across all digital evidence
    • Optimize the efficiency of your investigation with the newly released ability to tailor video analysis
    • Bird’s eye view to identify connections using a link graph

  • Collaborate with internal departments and systems, and external agencies to:
    • Share case data across units and agencies to keep investigation continuity and streamline collaboration
    • Work as a unified team with data tags and virtual dashboards
    • Generate reports with built-in templates to serve investigation stakeholders and progress the case

“Our goal is to provide agencies with the industry-leading Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform to transform the way they work for the digital age to protect and save lives, accelerate justice, and preserve data privacy,” said Ori Nurick, EVP, Product Management, Cellebrite. “The latest Pathfinder release is an important step in this evolution, and it will enable investigators around the world to accelerate and optimize how they address the increasing complexities of crimes while analyzing and managing digital evidence to identify suspects and build cases quickly.”

Cellebrite Pathfinder 8.6 is currently available. For more information, please visit

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