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checkm8 and checkra1n – Full file system extractions for iOS devices

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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iOS extraction is a tough nut to crack. The closed nature of the platform, allows only limited forensics capabilities. Every now and then, there is a breakthrough that surfaces to help the good guys in the forensic community. Such a breakthrough happened recently – ‘checkm8’ allows the forensic community to perform iOS full file system extractions on a wide range of iPhones. This will enable forensic examiners to gain lawful access to iOS devices to extract more digital evidence than ever. Checkm8 and checkra1n are both powerful and complex. Our experts will discuss both tools, their implications and impact on the market while providing a sneak peek into the upcoming UFED implementation.

You’ll learn about:

  • ‘checkm8’ and ‘checkra1n’- What is the difference, how to take advantage of these two powerful tools and what you should be aware of when using them.
  • The importance of full file system extraction and its importance to the forensic examination.
  • How UFED users will be able to utilize checkm8 and checkra1n.


  • Heather Mahalik Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite
  • Shahar Tal VP, Security Research Labs at Cellebrite
  • Guy Rutenberg Manager, Head of iOS Research at Cellebrite
  • Roey Arato Product Manager at Cellebrite