CLBX, which is essentially a zip archive, is our new file format that we have for full file system extractions. While performing the full file system extraction, you will see a new pop-up that says “Cellebrite recommends using the new CLBX format.”

If you choose “Cancel” instead of “Continue”, the traditional DAR format will be used instead. Once the CLBX extraction is complete, you will be able to load it into Physical Analyzer or your tool of choice (as long as that tool can parse zip archives).

Although we moved forward with the new CLBX format, it still ensures that your operations and processes are supported and not impacted in a negative way if you are used to the DAR. At this point, there is still the option to use DAR instead of CLBX, but soon we will transfer over completely to CLBX.

If you are interested in seeing the technical specifications of CLBX, you can log into the Cellebrite portal or reach out to Cellebrite directly for more details.

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