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Commanding the authority of digital investigative tools and processes

With digital evidence linked to virtually every investigation, agencies are expanding their data collection capabilities both in the lab and the field. This means managers need a better way to oversee how digital intelligence tools are deployed and utilized.

Manage it All in One Place

  • Ensure evidentiary integrity
    Automatically back up the metadata of every extraction and have a transparent, auditable and defensible chain of custody.
  • View comprehensive user activity
    Activity logs ensure all user activity is captured and presented within the management analytics dashboard. Gather important utilization insights with robust auditing and reporting capabilities.
  • Keep current with policies and permissions
    Centrally manage system usage, both at the user and device level, to ensure that agency policies and user permissions are in sync, enforced and up to date.
  • Reduce ongoing administration costs
    Access devices and systems across your operation from afar.
  • Ensure Data Integrity
    Maintain the latest versions and configurations of the tools to ensure the forensic integrity of the data collected.

Simplify How You Manage & Control All Deployed Devices and Systems

Cellebrite Commander product monitoring

Seamlessly Manage Data in One Place

Cellebrite Commander is unmatched in its ability to pull all of your data and device management capabilities into a central dashboard that’s easy for team members to use.

Cellebrite Commander CMS-01

Manage From a Single Point

Simplify device and system management and reduce administration costs by remotely distributing and installing software updates and configuration modifications.

Cellebrite Commander CMS-2

Create End-to-End Visibility

Ensure agency policies and user permissions are up to date by centrally controlling usage, both at the user and system level

Cellebrite Commander - Extraction statistics

Optimize Device Usage

Full auditing capabilities allow you to automatically collect usage statistics to identify operational efficiencies and better utilize your digital intelligence devices and systems

Equip your team

World-class Training

Cellebrite offers a wide array of in-depth courses taught by leading digital intelligence experts to help team members improve their skills whether they are new to the field or seasoned technical personnel.

  • CRO
    Cellebrite Responder Operator (CRO) Learn to extract logical data, bypass passwords and analyze data using Cellebrite’s InField solutions
  • CCOM
    Cellebrite Commander Operations Manager (CCOM) Manage access permissions, updates and logging of deployed InField solutions

Start solving cases faster

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