Special Guest: Andrew Rathbun, Senior Associate at Kroll

In this episode, we are joined by Andrew Rathbun, one of the masterminds behind the DFIR Discord channel that has over 3000 members. By day, Andrew is a senior associate for cyber risk at Kroll. By night he is the administrator for the DFIR Discord channel. Andrew has a long history in digital forensics, having worked in the police department for seven years, as a detective for three years, and at HHSOIG for one year before starting at Kroll last month.

He will be explaining Discord and the channel that was created specifically for digital forensics. Although Discord was made for gamers, by gamers, it is used for many other purposes besides just gaming.

In 2017, Andrew helped create the DFIR Discord channel out of frustration in image uploads with Imager and the need to post a link in IRC, which lacks many features.

Once created, it blew up immediately with 10-15 members within the first few months, which has grown to over 3000. Its members include law enforcement from 44 different countries, 29 vendors, and governments from 10 different countries. Discord now includes a newsfeed, different channels, the ability to direct message and ask questions, an announcement section, and more.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about this amazing channel, take a guided tour of how to use the site, and what this member-driven community has to offer.

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