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2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report Cellebrite hero

2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report

Cellebrite’s third annual Industry Benchmark Report explores emerging trends redefining law enforcement, military & intelligence, and agencies worldwide. As the world had to quickly adapt to a new digital age accelerated by a global pandemic, policing and investigative teams were no different.

With 2,000 responses from law enforcement professionals from 117 different countries, the 2021 report sheds light on how agencies are implementing digital transformation strategies to combat an era with more digital evidence than ever before.

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2021 benchmark survey report

Key Findings

The report surfaced five major development areas that are inhibiting law enforcement agencies from mastering digital evidence as part of their investigative workflow:

  • Staffing Shortages

    Lack of examiners to help process digital evidence.
  • Skills Shortages

    Most agencies lack sufficient IT expertise.
  • Tools and Technologies

    The majority of investigators and examiners feel they miss key evidence.
  • Intra- and Inter-agency Silos

    Silos between different departments and IT systems, result in longer lead times.
  • Lacking Strategy

    Over half of agency managers said they have a poor or no digital transformation strategy, and are likely to prioritize digital transformation.