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Digital Intelligence Produces Crucial Clues To Trace Cryptocurrencies

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Aired: September 9, 2020

The July 15th Twitter-hack allowed hackers to post fake tweets on 130 compromised accounts owned by a range of well-known individuals and corporations, ranging from Barack Obama to Elon Musk to Kanye. The messages promoted a “giveaway,” which was really a giveaway scam. This false marketing allowed the hackers to defraud about 400 victims of a total of $121,000 in bitcoin. While the amount of loss was not significant in sheer dollar amount, the high-profile nature of the scam compelled US Authorities to move quickly to identify the perpetrators. So fast, in just 16 days the perpetrators were identified and charged.  

This webinar will show how Digital Intelligence solutions and techniques, combined with advanced blockchain analysis and understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem are keys to following funds and discover the perpetrators behind the scam. From the twitter hack, to ransomware campaigns, to common SIM swaps, we will review the real life cases and detail how law enforcement was able to move from the virtual world into the real world. In addition you will learn how cryptocurrency investigation capabilities integrates with your overall digital intelligence (DI) ecosystem.  


  • Pamela A. Clegg Director of Financial Investigations & Education at CipherTrace
  • Yuval Ben-Moshe VP Business Development at Cellebrite