Cellebrite is a company that helps customers capture and reveal insights from a complex, digital world to make our communities safer. Cellebrite maintains best practices to ensure our technology is used with this intent.

We therefore would like to remind customers of the important role they play in ensuring the devices they purchase are securely retained, wiped, recycled, or returned to Cellebrite as part of the end of life process. Just as critically, we would like to reiterate the end-user obligations when using Cellebrite technology.

First, as per our terms of sale, under no circumstances may a customer resell, redistribute, transfer or sub-license Cellebrite’s technology to any third party without express written permission from Cellebrite.  When these terms are not adhered to, it is a violation of a legally-binding agreement.

We work diligently to ensure our users understand these obligations, and we know that the majority of our customers responsibly abide by these terms of use. In the rare occasion, should we become aware of a potential violation, we will take immediate action to protect the communities we serve as well as ourselves. We recently became aware of such a case and followed up with a cease and desist letter that described the legal obligations under which the user had agreed to operate. We continue to monitor for similar situations and take appropriate enforcement action on a case-by-case basis.

Customers in North America can return devices by sending them to the following address:

Attention: Receiving Department
7 Campus Dr Suite 210
Parsippany, NJ 07054



Contact North America Support at 1-800-609-9912 or support@cellebrite.com for further information.

Outside of North America customers can visit Cellebrite Support Center to obtain contact information for local Cellebrite offices.

As the leader in digital intelligence solutions for agencies across the globe to solve complex crimes and complete critical missions, we know situations like these are rare. However, we take any inappropriate or unauthorized use of our technology very seriously and will continue to take immediate action when we learn of such situations. We remain committed to working with customers to answer any questions they may have regarding the safe and secure storage, destruction or return of our equipment.

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