In this episode, we’re joined by Paul Lorentz, Ronen Engler, and Matt Goeckel to dig deeper into Selective Decoding and view a demo.  

Selective Decoding

While the amount of data created by devices is rapidly increasing, so is the time it takes to load an extraction. Selective Decoding speeds up the extraction process by sorting through the most critical information and only decoding specific applications.

Key Points About Selective Decoding

  • Requires a UFD File to start to the selective decoding process
  • Must be selected via Case Wizard prior to data parsing

Selective Decoding will be released in stages. In phase 1, you’ll be able to choose which apps to decode using specific, Cellebrite-defined key artifacts such as device info, KnowledgeC (iOS), location, and native app data. Additional modifications and updates will be made in the future.

To learn more about selective decoding and our future plans, watch the full episode.

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