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Accelerate Digital Investigations

Protecting American citizens and assets at home and abroad requires simple and scalable solutions and services that assist in advancing your agency’s mission.

Purpose-Built Investigative Solutions

Cellebrite Digital Intelligence solutions empower agencies to transform their investigative culture and operations while accelerating the collection and review, analysis, and management of digital evidence.

  • Law Enforcement & Protection

    No matter the incident, quickly identify and analyze relevant digital data that facilitates collaboration and accelerates digital investigations with solutions, training and services you can defend.
  • National Security

    Understanding and visualizing a digital pattern of life, communications, and evolving tactics of complex networks domestically and abroad is critical to identifying threats and enabling agencies to respond intelligently.
  • Homeland Security

    We provide national security personnel with the ability to access, decode, analyze, and facilitate collaboration by enhancing your existing technology infrastructure.
  • Internal Investigations

    Improve operational efficiency by fully leveraging digital data from mobile devices, computers, and the Cloud to identify waste, fraud, and abuse as part of your discovery and investigative processes.
  • Military Operations

    Cellebrite solutions enable the warfighter to effectively acquire, analyze, and manage digital intelligence and provide decision-makers with actionable information.

Gain Cutting Edge Capabilities

  • Law Enforcement & Prosecution: Collect, analyze, and share digital evidence in easy-to-understand visual formats to aid prosecutors in improving conviction rates.
  • Military & Intelligence: Stop future criminal activity by securing and managing digital evidence and enabling cross-case collaboration.
  • Incident Response (DFIR): Use digital media sources in a post-attack scenario to determine how a cyber breach was installed and executed, and thwart future attempts.

Use Unbiased Data to Inform Investigative Decisions

Cellebrite’s Investigative Digital Intelligence Platform


    Kickstart law enforcement intelligence and investigation efforts when there are no targets and very few clues, helping customers collect and connect data from many dynamic sources including the surface web, deep web, and dark web.
  • Collect & Review

    Discover and gather evidence from multiple points in mobile devices, computers, and the Cloud, whether connected to a network or not – while protecting the custodian privacy.
  • Investigative Analytics

    Master the complexity of data and reveal actionable insights – accelerating time to resolution and improving your investigative operations.
  • Manage & Control

    Maintain federal compliance using a customizable digital evidence management solution – ensuring that the right people have access to the right data, at the right time.
  • Services

    Gain access to a global team of professional domain experts providing the technical knowledge, bespoke solutions and training needed to accomplish your mission.
Customer Success

Gulf Coast Technology Center Uses Digital Intelligence to Keep Officers and Communities Safe

Find out how Cellebrite Pathfinder helped Commander Kevin Levy uncover a vehicle-theft ring and ultimately solve a double homicide.

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