Since its creation in 2009, WhatsApp has risen to become the world’s largest cross-platform encrypted messaging app with more than 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide.

As a cheaper alternative to the regular carrier-billed SMS text messages, WhatsApp quickly attracted users with its group messaging feature. New users log in with their phone numbers, so verification of profiles is both efficient and continually relevant even as users migrate to new phones.


The WhatsApp service, however, is used for more than just ‘text messaging’ through mobile devices and desktops. Over 5 billion photo and video messages are sent each day in 180 countries in 60 languages. With voice messaging and VoIP call capabilities, WhatsApp rounds out its feature set to encompass the total scope of modern communication.

Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, recently said that according to Facebook research the total Instagram and WhatsApp posting of Stories will soon surpass feed posting.


Data from Top Android Apps

With Cellebrite’s release of Cellebrite UFED 7.16, the APK Downgrade method provides access to application data from WhatsApp and more than 40 other popular applications on Android devices running version 6.0 and above. Digital evidence produced by these apps has not been retrievable from these OS versions until now.

Learn more here about the Cellebrite UFED 7.16 Release.

Older Versions of Android OS

This industry-first enhancement to the APK Downgrade method allows investigators to downgrade applications on Android devices running version 6.0 and above, then retrieve previously inaccessible application data, and upgrade back to the current version. This will help digital investigators to overcome technological barriers and gain access to critical data, quickly and efficiently.

Participant information for group audio and video calls from WhatsApp for both iOS and Android will now be recoverable as well as deleted data from other apps such as WeChat for iOS devices.

WhatsApp vs. Other Messenger Apps as of January 2019, based on the number of monthly active users (in millions)


We understand the urgent need for investigators and examiners to collect the most amount of data from old and new devices and apps. When mobile devices are not supported for physical extraction, the APK Downgrade can be used to access application data on any Android device running version 6.0. or above.

Learn more here about the Cellebrite foUFED 7.16 Release.

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