Cellebrite is excited to announce customers now have the ability to renew select licenses through their online account in the MyCellebrite portal. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on the easy-to-use MyCellebrite option to either renew via credit card or request a quote.

MyCellebrite Renewal Restrictions:

  • Distributors and Academic customers are currently not able to renew online.
  • Renewals will apply for 1 year post expiration date listed within the portal; multiyear renewals must be renewed through your sales representative.
  • Only renewals with the same expiration date can be renewed per order.
  • The following products cannot be renewed via My Cellebrite Portal: UFED Touch device, Premium, Network dongle, Detachable, Pathfinder Team, Smart Translation.

In order to renew, simply follow the below steps:

1. Log into your MyCellebrite account under which the license has been registered.

2. On the homepage screen, you will now see the option to “Renew Your Products License”. Select the arrow.


3. You will be prompted to select the serial number you would like to renew.

4. The device will then enter your cart and the expected payment. Select “Checkout” to continue.

5. Enter your contact information and select the appropriate billing and shipping addresses and select “Next”.

6. You will then be taken to your final review before checking out. Review your order details and our Terms and Conditions, select that you have read the Terms and Conditions, and select “Next”.

7. In the US and Canada, you have the option to “Pay with Card” or globally you have the option to “Pay by salesperson (Get a quote) – select the applicable option and select submit.

8. You will not be given your order number. If you selected to “Pay by salesperson”, shortly your sales representative will be in touch with a quote.



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