This week’s Tip Tuesdays relates to when a person types a lot with emojis or receives a lot of messages with emojis.

What is the best method for finding those, specifically if you have an emoji of interest that you want to search for?

In this extraction example, you can see I searched for what looks like a person’s head, while in another I searched for a trophy.

If you click in the search window on the top right and you press the Windows key and the period, the emojis appear.

You could click on the emoji that you are looking for if you see it, or you can start typing in the name of the emoji you looking for.

As you start typing, that emoji will appear and you can click on it.

The search results will be shown. You can see when I searched for “trophy”, that there is a trophy in all the chat information results.

This is a great way to isolate emojis in chats because we know a lot of people use them, and this makes your work a little easier.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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