This week’s Tip Tuesdays session looks at the importance of release notes in Cellebrite UFED.

In UFED, click on the question mark at the top of the page, and you will see Extraction Flow, Release Notes, and Help. Extraction Flow was covered in a previous session. It walks you through what is possible for each device.

The Release Notes are designed to help you understand what is new in each version and why we’re releasing it.

There is support for Android 13 beta, where we have built in the ability to do full file system extraction for certain tested Android devices that we had access to during the beta.

When you are testing these betas, please let us know if you come across a device that is not supported. The same is true for Smart Flow, which is new and still in beta.

If you find something that isn’t working, or one of the live methods (Qualcomm Live, Exynos Live and others) isn’t being detected, please reach out to Cellebrite support and let us know. You can also contact or

Release notes are extremely important, so we hope you take the time to read them and find them useful because we aim to be transparent on why you need to upgrade your tools.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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