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The Industry Standard for Lawfully Accessing and Collecting Digital Data

Collect data from the widest range of digital devices.

Get the Most Out of Your Investigations

  • Access To Broadest Range Of Mobile Devices
    Access critical digital evidence lawfully from feature and smartphones, drones, SIM cards, SD cards, GPS devices, and more.
  • Forensically Sound Collection
    Maintain data integrity throughout lawful collection of digital evidence.
  • Deep Dive Collection Methods
    Get the most accurate data out of mobile devices with multiple unique data collection methods, including full file system (FFS) and physical extractions.

On a Platform to Meet Your Needs

Don’t let complicated locks, encryption barriers, deleted and unknown content prevent critical evidence from coming to light.

  • UFED 4PC is a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient software format for any user requiring access and collection capabilities on their existing PC or laptop
  • UFED Touch3 Ruggedized Tablet enables comprehensive data extraction collection capabilities anywhere, whether in the lab, a remote location, or in the field. Extract data quickly and securely, in dedicated-collection hardware that eliminates any risk of cross-contaminating digital evidence
  • UFED Ruggedized Laptop is loaded with UFED software and comes in a purpose-built ruggedized case that can withstand drops, shocks, and extreme temperatures to ensure a seamless workflow wherever the investigation takes you

High-Performance Forensic Workstation to Optimize Any Digital Investigation

The most complete workstation designed to handle the most rigorous datasets for digital intelligence and eDiscovery work.

Equip your team

World-Class Training

Cellebrite offers a wide array of in-depth courses taught by leading digital intelligence experts to help team members improve their skills whether they are new to the field or seasoned technical personnel.

  • CCO
    The Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) Designed for those participants tasked with collecting data in a forensically sound manner using UFED Touch or UFED 4PC.
  • CCPA
    Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) Advanced level program designed for technically savvy investigators, digital evidence analysts, and forensic practitioners.

Start Solving Cases Faster

Find out how Cellebrite Digital Intelligence solutions can help your investigations.