In this episode I will be doing some live demos of SQLite Wizard. I’ll be using Josh Hickman’s accessible images so that anyone who wants is free to follow along. Although my preferred tool when it comes to looking at databases is actually DV Browser, SQLite has a few additional benefits.

For example, with SQLite it is possible to build and complete your query and run that same one every single time. With DV Browser you have to manually export the information every time. SQLite is very similar to people who create things for Dynamic Outfinder and all the additional things in the Magnet.

I’m not going to walk you through how to find a chat or where to locate the databases. Instead, I will rather jump right into the “Databases” section. One of the main things that I always look for is “Nothing to Decode By.” If there is nothing in that field, it is automatically of interest because we should learn why it is not decoded. It is very important to go through the data and see what information is actually there and what is missing.

There are a few ways to access the SQLite Wizard. It can be opened from any database at the bottom, it can be reached through the toolbar, or it is possible to open SQLite Query Manager.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to use SQLite, see a live demo, and also learn about other similar tools such as Axium, Physical Analyzer, and DV Browser.

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