Speeds Up Data Collection and Helps Resolve Cases; Bringing ‘Digital Intelligence’ to the Field

Tysons Corner, VA, October 24, 2019 Cellebrite, the global leader in digital intelligence solutions for the law enforcement and intelligence communities, has expanded its frontline solutions to encompass Cellebrite Field Solutions. This comprehensive suite of capabilities helps agencies build trust and ensure safer communities by allowing field personnel to collect consent-based forensically sound digital data at the scene so investigators can make command decisions in real-time.

Cellebrite Field Solutions empowers law enforcement to leverage today’s growing amount of digital evidence. It now includes Cellebrite Frontline, UFED on Android, Responder Kiosk, Central Management and Advanced Training to ensure law enforcement maintains witness privacy while accelerating digital evidence gathering and insights. Features are:

  • An easy-to-use mobile application for data collection at the front line;
  • A self-serve kiosk at the station, border or correctional facility;
  • A central management system for seamless management of collected data in one place;
  • Award-winning Cellebrite training by individuals with real-world law enforcement, forensic and investigative experience.

“Law enforcement agencies have recognized that digital data is an essential part of the investigative process and that creating actionable digital intelligence can help drive investigations more quickly and effectively,” said Mark Gambill, Chief Marketing Officer at Cellebrite.

“However, many of today’s agencies are not equipped to use digital data in the most impactful way – especially in the early hours of an investigation,” he added. “Cellebrite Field Solutions provides field personnel with easy-to-use methods for collecting digital data in real-time, so that investigators can find actionable intelligence faster in order to help solve cases.”

With Cellebrite‘s Field Solutions, investigators can generate digital leads and make data-driven decisions quickly, ultimately allowing them to close cases faster. Easy-to-use for law enforcement officers, front-line officers can collect consent-based digital information from witnesses and victims in a forensically sound manner, either in the field or at the police station, to ensure no valuable evidence is lost.

Gambill added: “Field solutions are an important component of an agency’s digital intelligence strategy in order to ensure digital data is impactful at every stage of the investigative process. Cellebrite Field Solutions increases operational efficiency and can be easily implemented for use by law enforcement personnel on the scene.”

For more information on how Cellebrite Field Solutions empower officers to capture digital data in the field, please visit: https://cellebrite.com/en/law-enforcement/field/.

Introduction at Global Summits

To speak with a Cellebrite digital intelligence expert during the 2019 IACP Annual Conference and Exposition, please visit us at Booth #5339. Interested media should contact Christopher.bacey@cellebrite.com. Follow us on Twitter @cellebrite_UFED during #IACP2019.

Cellebrite Field Solutions also will be showcased at the company’s Annual UK Summit for Law Enforcement and Government agencies from October 30-31 in Nottingham. (Not open to the media).

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