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New Triage Capabilities in Inspector

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Quickly triage systems with new Inspector features

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how BlackBag’s latest improvements to Inspector allow examiners to more quickly triage systems.

In this webinar, BlackBag’s Director of Product, Ashley Hernandez, and Dmitry Sumin, President of Passware, Inc., will demonstrate how to quickly view file content and use our new advanced filtering options to gather leads.

Triaging a system allows examiners to decide if the machine needs further investigation and provides feedback while more advanced options are processing. Finally, we will show how users can access systems using our new built-in decryption options for Bitlocker and other encryption methods.

About our Presenters:

Ashley Hernandez, Director of Product, BlackBag Technologies

Ashley believes digital forensics provides law enforcement, government, and corporations the crucial ability to determine facts pertinent to solving criminal and civil matters and to examine security incidents. With over 15 years of experience in the field, she has taught and certified investigators in digital forensics and security topics; including speaking at many digital forensics and law enforcement conferences. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Sonoma State University.

Dmitry Sumin, President, Passware, Inc.

While a mathematics student at university, Dmitry Sumin changed a password and locked himself out of his journal. Software on the market wasn’t able to unlock it, so he wrote his own. He put the software online and asked people to send postcards if they liked it. He received hundreds. He also received requests: “Can you crack this?” If his software couldn’t, he added a feature so it could. He was soon spending so much time supporting his software he had little choice but to form a company. Passware was born. Sumin was soon approached by law enforcement with the same old question: Can you crack this? Law enforcement people occasionally asked for modifications. If Passware couldn’t decrypt something, Sumin’s team wrote code so it could.

Cellebrite is proud to welcome BlackBag Technologies to our family – bringing industry-leading computer access and analysis tools to our Digital Intelligence Solution suite.