Cellebrite Pathfinder v8.6 delivers significant progress towards enterprise readiness, scalability, and process performance improvements.

Version8.6  |  Cellebrite Pathfinder  |  May 5, 2021

We are excited to have officially released Cellebrite Pathfinder v8.6 !

This latest version marks significant progress towards enterprise readiness, scalability, and process performance improvements
Cellebrite Pathfinder’s v8.6 improved functionality now enables you to: 

  • Discover cross-case connections: Aimed primarily at intelligence analysts, this functionality highlights common identifiers between two or more cases, enabling you to expand the investigation and uncover leads for new potential suspects.  
    [This feature is provided within Pathfinder Teams and Pathfinder Enterprise.] 

  • Collaborate across units: Export full or partial case data into UFDR format and import it back into other Pathfinder systems, simplifying collaboration across units and agencies.

  • Optimize video analysis: Get your investigation moving faster with the newly configured media analytics process that enables you to start with review of shorter video files, so that you can get straight to work. You can tailor this to your needs with several editable parameters.

  • Investigate computer data: Work with computer and mobile data all in one system, including enhanced functionalities for computer extractions from Cellebrite Inspector, as well as intuitive review of emails and documents. 

  • See locations of Wi-Fi networks: Enrich your investigation information by viewing the locations of the Wi-Fi networks that the device was connected to on the map. 


For more information on these new functionalities and other updatesdownload the full release notes.