Now Available: Cellebrite Inspector 10.4

Version10.4  |  Cellebrite Inspector  |  August 17, 2021

Cellebrite Inspector 10.4 includes many new and enhanced capabilities designed to help accelerate your investigative efforts, including:

  • Classification: Quickly and easily sort data with new classification capabilities. Items can now be classified as, “privileged”, “sensitive” or “relevant”, which provides another facet for identifying evidence items and managing how they are seen in portable cases and reports.
  • Activity Correlation: Get a comprehensive picture of data relevant to your investigation with new activity correlation for images from Mac and Windows computers. The Correlation view also now supports filtering on date and time, shows how an artifact came to be, and how it is related to other artifacts.
  • Expanded Support for Dictionary Attacks: Enrich your investigations by creating custom dictionary files with password candidates. This support saves valuable time by exporting in the form of.TXT file with one word on each line, without duplicates. This .TXT file provides key material for use by third-party software, such as Passware Kit Forensic.

To get additional information about what has been updated in the latest version, please read the release notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.