Now Available: Cellebrite Pathfinder   8.5

Version8.5  |  Cellebrite Pathfinder  |  April 21, 2021

Cellebrite Pathfinder Version8.5 is now available with many new and enhanced capabilities designed to help accelerate your investigative efforts. These capabilities include: 

  • Automatic Decoding: These capabilities are now part of Pathfinder (8.5), allowing you to directly ingest a UFD file to Pathfinder in order to expedite your time to evidence. 
  • Advanced Search: Now you can create more complex queries to search through case data, compile a search over multiple types of properties, and use Boolean operators to dive deeper into content extraction. 
  • Media Analytics: Brand new capabilities such as additional categories for media classification (license plates, barcodes and more), enable you to search for similar images, and identify images containing a single face or crowds. 

For more information on this version update, read the Release Notes document available on the MyCellebrite Portal.