Now Available: Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite UFED Cloud 7.44

Version7.44  |  Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, Cellebrite UFED Cloud   |  April 4, 2021

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer:

This version of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer offers even more examination capabilities and two new models to view data. 

Main highlights:

  • Discord Warrant Returns Support – Smart and focus filtering will allow users to get the evidence they need from the discord warrant returns. We support decoding of both private messaging and channel activities (according to the user’s choice) along with additional data types such as: user account, contacts, calls, and channel activity including attached or shared files.

  • Activity Sensor Data – New model! Health iOS is supported once again along with other wellbeing apps. The new view enables a better review of the results along with improved performance and usability.

  • New App Support – Flixbus – Includes FlixBus tickets, trip data, location, searches, and account details.

  • New Offline Map – Tokyo


Cellebrite UFED Cloud:

Cellebrite UFED Cloud now enables users to create and save the account package of a Cloud extraction, where manually entered credentials can be exported to the account package as tokens (including the authentication state/2FA).