UFED and Cellebrite Responder 7.30 provides new support for smartphones with Huawei KIRIN processor

Version7.30  |  UFED 4PC, UFED Touch2, Cellebrite Responder  |  March 3, 2020

With UFED and Cellebrite Responder 7.30, gain access to a new range of Android devices and new data sets. Users can now perform full file system or selective extraction on smartphones with the Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 970 processor and other popular devices with the KIRIN 659, 960 and 980 chipsets.


In addition, users can now bypass the screen lock to perform either a physical, full file system or selective file system extraction on popular Samsung models with the Qualcomm processor, such as the Samsung J4+, Samsung J6 and Samsung J8 models.

As part of the digital data extraction process, users can now document their actions and incorporate investigative notes, including the ability to specify any issues encountered during the process.