Hi everyone, our all-new Capture The Flag (CTF) starts on May 23.

The first step is to register by going to our CTF blog on the Cellebrite portal.

Depending on if you’re a customer or not, your steps may differ slightly.

The CTF officially kicks off at midnight on Monday, May 23 EST, and the competition ends on Thursday, May 26 at midnight.

However, we know that some of you like to play for fun. Some of you like to extend this free training outside of work and maybe over the weekend, so we are keeping it open through Monday, even though the competition ends on Thursday.

On Thursday night at midnight, we will know who the winners are.

Again, we are including Android, iOS, and PC. In this challenge, you can use any tools you want, such as Cellebrite Inspector or Physical Analyzer.

These tools will definitely help you in this competition. But remember it’s for fun and to enhance your skills in DFIR.

We hope you have a great time with this CTF.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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