Learn how to surface new leads, evidence, and insights in the critical first 48 hours to solve cases quickly using Cellebrite Analytics.

According to Homicide Detective Sergeant Jimmy Stewart, the odds of solving a case can drop by 50% in the first 48 hours after a crime is committed. For digital investigations running against the clock, digital evidence becomes as valuable as fingerprints or DNA evidence. This evidence can be critical in constructing a suspect or victim profile, social context and frequented locations leading up to a crime.

For digital investigators facing an overwhelming volume, variety, and velocity of data, the main challenge is to establish which data is actionable and which is just noise.

Currently, discovering relevant digital evidence is a manual and time-consuming process that can often result in critical data being overlooked entirely. To combat this scenario, it’s key to have digital intelligence competencies and solutions.

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To help investigators better understand how to harness the power of these new digital solutions, Cellebrite has produced a new webinar titled “Harnessing the Power of Digital Data”, presented by Ben Armon, Senior Product Manager of Cellebrite Pathfinder.

Ben demonstrates how the Cellebrite Pathfinder simplifies the complexity of correlating forensic digital data to uncover investigative insights to speed up investigations.

Ben also demonstrates how the Cellebrite Pathfinder provides the full picture by presenting a unified view of multiple digital data sources. This will allow you to reduce investigation cycle times with automatic media categorization and unveil actionable insights by automatically identifying entities within the text, such as persons, organizations names, locations and more.

The benefits you’ll enjoy by unifying data, workflows, and teams will be a more collaborative workflow, better data management, and a clear return on your investment.

Additionally, by understanding how to unify all drone, mobile, cloud, computer, and telecommunication data into a centralized view, you will avoid wasting precious time going back and forth between separate tools.

Cellebrite Pathfinder Demo – See it in Action:

In this section of the webinar, you’ll see how Cellebrite Pathfinder leverages algorithms to automatically identify over a dozen entity categories such as persons, locations, URLs, nationalities and more.

The Analytics extraction method is based on sentence structure and textual context in multiple languages. You will see how to create your own watch lists of predefined keywords which the system can then surface and highlight for you.   

Using the Graph View in Cellebrite Pathfinder

As you probably have encountered already in your daily investigative processes, accessing data from mobile devices will often provide you with detailed insights into a person’s interests, a map of connections, and how the contacts and communications evolved over time.

In this section of the webinar, learn how to use the graph view in Analytics to only show higher density links or filtered links based on a timeframe or words that appear in the content. With this functionality, you will be able to turn the graph view in the analytics engine into an investigation tool that highlights new events and leads for a case.  

Powered by Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Seeing the whole picture and finding the connections in cases more quickly is made possible by the Analytics neural network-based algorithms which automatically detect previously unknown images and videos related to key categories such as child exploitation, weapons, money, drugs, nudity and more.

Ben explores how the system automatically performs text extraction from images categorized as documents or screenshots which allows you to further expand your search for new leads.

You will be shown how to view geolocation information in digital and mobile forensic data that assists in identifying where an owner of a device was. With this knowledge, you will understand how to identify whether two persons were in the same vicinity which can come in handy when suspects claim they don’t know each other but the data proves otherwise.

Analytics Report Builder

Throughout your typical digital investigations, you will most likely need to capture evidence quickly, understand the narrative, and tell the story of a crime. The Cellebrite Pathfinder Report Builder helps you capture relevant information quickly and store all captured elements in an easy to read format.

The Report Builder can lay out digital evidence and tell the story of a crime with snapshots of the evidence so you can now easily share your findings with peers or present them in court in a straightforward manner.

To Learn More

Upgrade your skills of surfacing new leads and insights in the first 48 hours. Watch the recorded webinar – Harnessing the Power of Digital Data – to gain the knowledge that can help you solve your cases faster with Cellebrite Pathfinder.

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