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Take it or Leave it: Triaging Digital Evidence with Digital Collector

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Have you ever served a search warrant and stared at the mountainous amount of digital media collected and wondered how much is actually related to your investigation?  Or, have you had to undertake terabytes of storage media and wondered if the needle would ever be found in the haystack of storage?

Watch Stephanie Thompson, one of our Solutions Engineers at BlackBag, as she demonstrates how the new triaging features of Digital Collector can help aid your investigations.  New features Stephanie will be showcasing include:

  • Searching the digital media with live searching
  • Browser access to navigate through the file/folders
  • Collection of identified files/folders related to your investigation using an .L01 container

About our BlackBag Presenter:

Stephanie Thompson, Solutions Engineer

Stephanie has a been a digital forensics analyst working in the Federal Government space for 15 years prior to coming to BlackBag. Her background is primarily in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence investigations, but also worked closely with federal law enforcement agencies on a routine basis. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from George Mason University, and Masters of Forensic Science degree from George Washington University. She loves to tackle interesting problems in the community, and hopes to go back for her PhD in the next couple of years.

Cellebrite is proud to welcome BlackBag Technologies to our family – bringing industry-leading computer access and analysis tools to our Digital Intelligence Solution suite.