Based on recent news reports, some examiners assume Apple does not respond to requests for data.  However, we have successfully worked with Apple iCloud production sets for numerous cases. 

In response to a legal process, Apple can produce an iCloud production set that contains information similar to what you might find in an iTunes backup file but may contain more information including email.  Once examiners receive the iCloud production set back though, it still needs additional handling to extract all the information inside.

Without proper processing, you may be missing critical information that is encrypted or compressed.

To learn more about this process, watch Ben Charnota, our Chief Customer Officer, discuss why Apple iCloud production sets can make a big difference in your investigation.

Ben Charnota speaking about Apple iCloud Productions

BlackBag (a Cellebrite company) is proud to offer a solution where customers can view all the evidence – from iCloud production sets, mobile devices images, and Mac or Windows machines together in Cellebrite Inspector.  Current Cellebrite Inspector Customers receive 5 complimentary assists in processing iCloud production sets, but our service is available to non-Cellebrite Inspector customers as well.

Investigators will need to submit a copy of the production set to Cellebrite, where we will process it so the data is ready for examination.  We will then return the data in a format you can add directly to your case.

How to Submit an iCloud Request to Apple

To learn more about submitting a legal request to Apple you can find their law enforcement guidelines here.

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