In this video, Heather Mahalik will explain Cellebrite Physical Analyzer’s newest features ensuring everyone will be able to leverage them in the modern User Interface(UI). Heather will discuss the new data models, such as “Insights” that allow the user to run the malware scanner, view hash sets, and view a preview of our upcoming Image Classification model.

Application Insights is a great place to start an investigation that involves 3rd party apps used for communicating. Our goal at Cellebrite is to ensure you know how to leverage Physical Analyzer to get the most out of your investigations.

Renaming Extraction: After receiving many requests for this feature, now Cellebrite Physical Analyzer offers the option to rename an extraction. Simply go to the extraction summary, click rename, and type the desired name.

Installed Applications: From the “Insights from Installed Applications” tab, you can now choose to search for apps of interest. You can also choose “table view,” which will allow you to see which apps are parsed by Cellebrite.

Data Models: The “data models” tab displays “Timeline,” which lists everything that is parsed by Cellebrite Physical Analyzer. From there, we have file systems that offer hex keyword searching, and the ability to look through the file dumps and dig directly into that actual extraction.

Insights: This newest feature will be covered in a later segment where we talk about image classification, watch lists, and malware scanning.

Cloud Analyzer: Cloud Analyzer is now built into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer to make one platform that is easier for you to manage, leverage, and use in your everyday investigations.

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