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Choose from a variety of hardware platforms, designed to suit your specific investigative workflows.

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At every stage of an investigation, Cellebrite empowers your team to access actionable insights, advance the case and work together more collaboratively. Harness the power of digital intelligence when you choose from a wide variety of hardware platforms, designed to support your unique workflows and environments, whether in a lab, out in the field or in a central office.


This latest generation portable digital forensics platform brings comprehensive extraction capabilities anywhere they’re needed, whether in the lab, a remote location or in the field. Move faster, reduce backlogs, free up valuable hardware and produce defendable evidence with the Touch2.

Powerful and compact, the Touch2 is available with UFED Ultimate and comes with a forensic accessory kit. Extract data quickly and securely in a closed environment that is separate from other applications, eliminating any risk of cross-contaminating digital evidence. View call logs, images, videos and other key logical data directly from the Touch2 at the point of extraction for quick access to key evidence. With fast computing power and enhanced battery life, the Touch2 is a virtually maintenance-free, forensically sound extraction experience.

Touch2 Ruggedized

Portable, fast, and built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Touch2 Ruggedized features the latest extraction capabilities of the Touch2 in a sturdier silicone case with an embedded camera, GPS and stronger WiFi. Equip your examiners and investigators with the Touch2 Ruggedized to extract device data in the most demanding lab or field environments.

The Touch2 Ruggedized is available with UFED Ultimate software and comes with a forensic accessory kit, designed to support your investigation. View call logs, images, videos, and other key logical data directly from the Touch2 Ruggedized at the point of extraction to quickly assess the evidence. Eliminate the risk of cross-contaminating data when you extract it quickly and securely within a closed environment, separate from other applications. With fast computing power, enhanced battery life and a ready-for-anything tough exterior, the Touch2 Ruggedized let you reliably extract forensically sound data, no matter where the case takes you.

Ruggedized Laptop

Harsh conditions can wreak havoc on crime scenes. Investigative teams need tools that can withstand elements like drops, shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, while reliably extracting and reviewing the digital data they need to further their investigations. Waiting for critical insights that could break a case is simply not an option.

The Ruggedized Laptop features a Panasonic Toughbook loaded with UFED software and complimentary digital forensic accessories that allow users to perform data extraction, decoding and analysis anywhere. This fully-portable kit comes in a purpose-built ruggedized case to ensure work flows seamlessly anywhere the investigation takes you.


This purpose-built, standalone solution enables your frontline teams to quickly extract and act on mobile data at specific locations, like police stations and border control checkpoints.

Pre-installed and fully integrated with UFED InField, the plug and play Kiosk offers a secure, closed hardware platform that empowers teams with actionable insights when they’re needed most.

WARNING: This product may expose you to lead, nickel or lithium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. These elements may be found in very small quantities in components such as: electronic boards, cables, connection pins, contacts. our default request and production is Lead-Free, but we can’t guarantee for every single component in the kit.

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