As individual offenders in child exploitation cases commonly possess massive collections of photos and videos, the sheer volume of multimedia data to be analyzed can be staggering. You need powerful digital intelligence solutions, like Cellebrite Inspector, to bring more child exploitation perpetrators to justice.

Cellebrite Inspector delivers powerful investigative tools with improved capabilities to export LACE, Project VIC, and C4All data models. Now, you can save valuable time and resources by filtering out non-pertinent material using Cellebrite Inspector in your child-exploitation case investigations.

Quickly analyze computer data and mobile devices to shed light on user activity and to analyze images in the memory. Against the proliferation of child exploitation material, you can easily search, filter, and sift through large data sets rapidly.

Cellebrite Inspector logically acquires Android and iPhone/iPad devices, runs on Windows and Mac OS X, and analyses data from all major platforms within one user-friendly graphical interface.  

Here are 11 reasons to use Cellebrite Inspector in child exploitation cases.

# 1 – One Interface. Across Four Major Platforms 

Cellebrite Inspector works across all four major platforms. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, it’s the trusted and proven forensic analytics software you can rely upon.  

# 2 – Flexible, Intuitive And Easy To Use 

Quickly find Internet history, downloads, recent searches, top sites, locations, media, messages, and more. 

# 3 – Lace, Project Vic, And C4ALL Data Models 

Cellebrite Inspector brings improved exporting of LACE, Project VIC (v1.1, v1.2, and v1.3), and C4All data models for further processing in these dedicated tools and databases. 

# 4 – Save Time And Resources 

By covering all three data models, you’ll save time in your workflow and be able to focus your resources more effectively on uncategorized pictures and videos, and unknown child victims. 

# 5 – Training And Technical Support 

Cellebrite offers training, access to expert forensic instructors, and comprehensive technical support. 

# 6 – Acquire Mobile Devices 

Acquire Android and iOS devices and have multiple devices in one child exploitation case file for easy comparison.  

# 7 – Actionable Intelligence 

Discover data that matters and display this in one location including account information, recent documents, applications, recycle/trash bin, USB connections, downloads, iOS backups, and more. 

# 8 – Narrow Your Focus To Increase Turnaround

With investigation-orientated data organization, keyword filtering, timeframe filtering, and tagging, you can narrow your focus and efficiently find relevant child exploitation evidence in large data sets faster. 

# 9 – Process Memory 

Process and parse memory acquisitions (hyberfil.sys, pagefile.sys, crash dumps) from OS Triage and other memory tools. 

# 10 – All Communication In One Place 

Easily locate all native and 3rd party application communications across a device all in one place. 

# 11 – Media location data 

Any media, with location data, is readily identified and consolidated and can be imported into Google Earth.

Learn more about Cellebrite Inspector here.

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